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“Fidgeting becomes heroic with Marvel Series 2 Fidget Cubes! Get your hands on this special Drax the Destroyer edition! The original and best anti-stress toy, the Fidget Cube is small, lightweight and fits right in the palm of your hand. It’s also expertly designed to relive stress and give you a sense of satisfaction with just a few goes. There are six sides to this nifty little cube – breathe, click, flip, glide, roll, and spin. Each one features something to fidget with to help reduce anxiety. Looking for a circular fidget? Then take the dial for a spin! If you’re someone who’s constantly clicking pens then you’ll love the five buttons on the click side. In fact there are side for every kind of fidgeter! Stick a fidget cube in your pencil case, bag or purse so you’ve got easy access at any time. Whether you’re in class, on the train studying or just lazing in front of the TV, the Fidget Cube is the ultimate toy for those looking to focus or de-stress. A great gift for ages eight and up. Please note: There’s only one Fidget Cube so beware of cheap imitations”

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