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Experiment with luminescence and learn all about how and why glowsticks glow with this fascinating glow stick lab. Make amazing glowsticks that shine in vibrant colours in the dark and under UV light, and create incredible concoctions of glowing substances using everyday materials from around your home! Explore the science of luminescence and UV light as you grow your own glowing crystal and use the twenty page full colour guide to find out all about how substances glow and fluoresce.

Glowstick lab project kitCreate your own glowsticks that glow in the dark and fluoresce under UV light!Grow your own glowing crystalExplore the world of luminescence by creating glow in the dark substances with home ingredients!Kit contains UV LED cap with hook, 2 x caps without LEDs, 3 x hexagonal bottles, glow in the dark powder (strontium aluminate), potassium aluminium sulfate powder20 page full colour work bookSuitable for ages 8yrs+

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