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What better to protect your room from unwanted guests than a fearsome T-Rex!? The awesome T-Rex Projector and Room Guard is a whopping 40cm long and projects real dinosaur images into your room. Motion sensitive, T-Rex will roar into life when he detects movement in your room with five mighty roars that will terrify intruders and nosy siblings.

Twenty four images of eighteen different dinosaurs are projected from three changeable disks with images up one metre wide; a sure fire way to keep nosy parkers from entering your space and an even better way to see real life dinosaurs up close. Use T-Rex’s arm to focus the image and turn the disc to select your favourite dinosaur image, you can even unlock fascinating online dino facts using secret codes included.

An impressive room decoration and fail safe room guard, this T-Rex is the ultimate boobie trap!

T-Rex projector and roaring room guardProjects 24 dinosaur images up to 1 metre wideGet up close and personal with realistic dino’s in your roomGuards your room with a mighty roar5 different roar soundsMotion sensitive and trembler alertOver 40cm longHidden storage and room guard switchSecret code unlocks online dino factsIncludes bonus T-Rex stickerBattery operated: requires 3 x AA batteries (not included)

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